Work at Sonic!  It's a Blast!

Carhops & Crewmembers

Business is hoppin and we are ALWAYS looking for new and exciting people like you!

If you want to have fun, this is the place to work! Where you will be loved and valued. We love our employees, we trust our employees, who in turn work very hard to give our guest an outstanding experience!!

Carhops are required to run or skate when delivering orders so you must be fast on your feet.

No one wants to play games with their hunger. That's why we're looking for carhops with ninja-like reflexes or equivalent to become a part of our chow liberation team. Sonic carhops come equipped with skates so they can deliver good food faster than all those other places that walk it to you. They could at least run or something. People are hungry! We know you'd like us to add rockets to the skates for even faster service, but apparently that's not a good idea. Even if you can't skate, we've got a place for you.

What's in it for you:
- Saying "weeee" while skating
- Competitive pay
- Opportunity for advancement
- Flexible hours
- The first step to developing your world-renown, multimillion dollar "Exercise Skating" workout video franchise
- Fun work environment
- Insurance and paid vacations YES we give all crewmembers vacation!

- Huge opportunity to move up the ranks within an organization that has great people and outstanding pay and benefits. We have many people just like you that started off carhopping and flipping burgers and now they run multi-million dollar businesses and make twice the money other restaurants pay their GM's. Did I mention the opportunity to become a part owner as well?! See our GM page for more details

What we look for in our carhops:
- Friendly and courteous attitude
- Clean appearance
- Team player
- People person

Minimum Age
- 16+ years old

Working Experience:

- Six months in retail or food service operations preferred, but not required.- General knowledge and understanding of restaurant or retail operations preferred, but not required.- Mad roller skating skills, while not required, are looked upon as favorably as seeing a footlong chili cheese coney coming your way when starving.